The K.C. Story

The K.C. family has started this guesthouse since 1988. At the beginning, it was a lovely house where we have lived. It was a traditional Thai house and full of happy memories. It has been our most ambitious project so far. The new guesthouse has been created. All members in the family have worked together to make a harmonious atmosphere. Many guests who came before have returned again and again. It's like the second home for them.

With our new premises, our guests can relax and read our collection of books after hectic days. The name K.C. comes from the name of "Soi Kai Chae". It means Thai chicken. In addition, we have served food & drinks for our guests and the well-known foods. They are Pad-Thai, Tom-Yum, Curries,etc. We'd like to invite you to stay here and hope that you will enjoy staying with us.

Breakfast & Thai Food

Our breakfast & Thai food.


Atmosphere of K.C. Guesthouse.

Roof Top View

Roof top view.

Roof Top Garden

Roof top garden.